A Dream Working Group of Volunteers

Any program, project or initiative relies on its Team driving it. A successful venture is result of the team contributing their best bit, towards the common cause.

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the Time;

They just have the Heart."

-Elizabeth Andrew

TWG - The Working Group share the same responsibility. What a Dream Working Group (Team) would like like?

  • Common Cause: We are here for a common cause, voice of our community. Think for the best of it.

  • Active Participation: Be the voice. Suggestions or Concerns let's lay it on the table. Let the best happen to our final cause.

  • Switching roles: We need to Motivate, Engage, Inspire, Facilitate each other. How can I make a difference? How can I contribute my bit to take the initiative to get its desired result? Ultimate aim is to have a successful outcomes.

  • Opportunity to Hone or to be Grown: Members may have some gifted skills (planning/ networking/ blogging/ etc.), ensure you hone them. If new to an area, let's learn and grow our knowledge in the new area.

Let our creativity do all the play.

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