A Well Laid Path (Process)

As an engineer, Systems come natural to me. Occasionally tagged as a process oriented personnel, I do believe that, for a task to be performed up to (or beyond) expectations, what we need is - a well played process.

Like a Methodist artist, who is more interested in the process of delivering the character than the accolades tangled to the performance(s). Accolades or criticism both are the final impact, to be embraced gracefully. Something a true engineer always does.

At every assignment, we engineers fall for the systems in it. If none, we thoughtfully crave one. How the path towards final destination is laid (by you), adds more meaning to the destination. If you are making a wish to add more meaning to your final destination, hope below learning bites help.

a. Crave one: As mentioned already, if none, thoughtfully crave one. We need a well laid process.

b. Join the Stream: You may have identified a sub optimal process already, which is in play. Figure out the friction points, lubricate them and re-follow the process. Following a process (though sub-optimal) is required to further optimize.

c. Optimize: Re-validate existing process, to be optimal enough, followed by Leadership Buy In.

d. Systems over Goals to Keep engaged: A goal could be just a benchmark. On achieving one, goal based approach, may lead us to lose motivation (until next goal is sought). Systems based approach keep us engaged and save us from fading out after achieving a goal. Systems help raise the bar, allowing to achieve goal over goal.

Having said that, a well laid process will need to be optimized as situations become demanding.

Keep Travelling to Memorable Journeyed Destinations, using your well laid path.

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