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In this 21st century students approaching a career known as Entrepreneurship. Many students think that this career requires a family background, lots of investments, in short, middle-class students can't afford this career option but actually, this is a myth. Even if you don't have all these things you can become a successful entrepreneur.

Now you will wonder that then what does it really requires to become an entrepreneur. The most important and basic thing that you require to be an entrepreneur is your mindset. If you have a dream that you have to become the best employee and impress the boss or the best follower of anyone then you are not going to be a successful entrepreneur you may try for it but will face failure. You should have the attitude that I am not going to be the best follower but I will be the one who will be most followed by others, I am the king of my own empire. Your decision of being an entrepreneur should be crystal clear from your college days only. Many times when you share this thing that you want to pursue a career in entrepreneurship friends, family, or people around you don't give a positive response towards it because of reasons like security, risk, etc. but in this situation, you should isolate yourself into your thought process or ideas from the people who let you feel low and this may help you to focus on what you want to do.

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People often make excuses about family situations or other things. I will tell you just one thing on this that you have two things Excuses and Dreams either Excuse will get fulfilled or Dreams will choice is yours. Excuses exist only in thoughts and you know your thoughts rule on your actions. Once you will get command of your thoughts the path is clear then. After a fixed decision, there is a question pop-up of the idea. For better ideas, live internships into industries you may have interest or in respect to your degree definitely will play a valuable role .

After starting a career as an entrepreneur in starting stage it may difficult to handle the failures that arise. For that, I think from starting only you should be prepared mentally that there will be failures or problems that we will face into our this career. A better option for handling the failure is to become habitual to this. Like " Itani baar Giro na ki jab udane ka wakt aye to girane ka dar na ho " .

Take each and every failure or problem as a challenge and I guarantee you will enjoy facing failure. Always remember that challenges unleash your hidden potentials.

Ultimately you have to enjoy this journey with required improvements and have to take targets regarding your need.

Many people take targets but get depressed or sad whenever it does not work in the way they want. As an entrepreneur you don't have to be depressed or feel sad if target get not completed but you just have to extend a deadline little more and have to start chasing that target with new enthusiasm . With the execution of all this great and knowledgeable content into your life, you will have a fantastic career as an entrepreneur damn sure ... !!!

Summary by Snehal Gunjal

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