Ancient Indian Genius

About five thousand years ago, in Bhagavad Gita it is said that the eternal existing principle can never be destroyed or decayed and the non existing can never be born. This principle is called 'law of conservation of energy' in the modern language. It means that energy is not wasted but is being converted. Such knowledge-science tradition has been going on in India since ancient times. Many visionary sages of the Vedic period were experts in mathematics and astronomy.

At a time when European countries had misconceptions about the universe and the earth was considered flat, students at Nalanda University in India in fifth century taught that the earth is round and revolves around its orbit.

This is the information of some similar medieval genius.....


Aryabhata was born in the year 476 AD at Kusumpur (Patana) . At the age of 23 he wrote the book Aryabhatiya.

He was the first to write in his book that, the earth is round and revolves around itself, other planets also orbit in their own orbits causing solar and lunar eclipses. At that time Europeans are unknown about such things!

Aryabhata also the father of decimal system.

Aryabhata names the first 10 decimal places and gives algorithms for obtaining square and cube roots of using number system.


Varahmihira was born in the year 499 AD in the village Kapitha near Ujjain . Varahmihira was a disciple of Aryabhata. His books like Panchsiddhantika and Brihatsamhita contain basic knowledge of astronomy. He has also written about the gravitational force of the earth!


Brahmagupta was a renowned mathematician and astronomer.

He was born in 598 AD at Bhinmal, Rajasthan. Bhaskaracharya had called him 'Ganakachakra Chudamani'. His books Brahmasfutsiddhanta and khandakhadyak are famous. These books are also translated in Arabic. Brahmagupta was director of the astronomical observatory of Ujjain, the center of Ancient Indian Mathematical astronomy. He was the first person to discover the formula for solving the quadratic equations!

Bhaskaracharya first

Bhaskaracharya was born in the year 600 AD. He was a great astronomer and also studied mathematical astronomy. He was the one who rewarded the decimal method. Later this method was reached to Europeans.

Bhaskaracharya second

Bhaskaracharya was born in the year 1114 AD. His field of work is Ujjain. He wrote the two great and famous books Siddhant Shiromani and Lilavati. These both books which are the foundation of modern mathematics! In his another book named Karan kutuhal he explained astronomy. In the book Siddhant Shiromani he explained about the differential calculus and its application in astronomical problems. At that time other countries are unknown about such things.


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