Cognizant Interview Experience 2021 (Virtual)


Eligibility Criteria :

1. 2021 batch of BE / B Tech / ME / M Tech/MCA & MS Software Engineering (Five year integrated course degree) students from any branch.

2. Consistent academic record of a minimum of 60% in X, XII, Diploma, UG & PG.

3. No standing arrears in current education.

4. Maximum of 2 year’s gap in education.

There were 2 job roles in Cognizant.

Cognizant Selection Process
Cognizant Selection Process

I gave Computer Based Online Auto Proctoring Recruitment Test i.e. Round 1 for Cognizant on 18th October 2020. The assessment platform used was AMCAT.

Round 1 :

1. Aptitude -

  • Quantitative Aptitude (24 questions – 35 mins)

  • Logical Reasoning (25 questions – 35 mins)

  • Verbal Ability (1 question – 30 mins)

Aptitude test was of medium difficulty.

2. Code debugging(Automata Fix) - (7 questions – 20 mins)

After some days, I came to know that have I cleared the Round 1. Then, I received an email regarding the invite for GenC interview one day before the interview that is on 28th November 2020. But, due to some technical glitches, my interview was postponed 2 times. Finally, on 3rd December 2020 I gave my interview.

Round 2 : There was only 1 interviewer for this virtual interview. Duration was 20 minutes.

TR questions :

Basic Technical questions of my branch i.e. ENTC. Eg. What is repeater? What are the modulation techniques? What is handoff? etc.

Favourite engineering subject?

Gave me some aptitude questions to solve.

Familiar coding language?

Asked to write a Code/ Algorithm for a simple programing question on their coding platform.

Asked about latest technology used in my projects.

HR questions :

Tell me about yourself.

Asked about my hobbies.

Asked about my strengths and weaknesses.

Do you have any questions for me?

Personal Preparation:

  1. For aptitude test I just prepared from R.S. Aggarwal book and memorize the formulas for quantitative and reasoning.

  2. For Code debugging, I saw some you tube videos and solve online sample questions.

  3. For revision of my branch knowledge I read basic electronics theory and questions on internet.

  4. For interview I thoroughly went through my resume. Thought about all possible questions and their answers. Also, searched for Technical and HR questions on internet.

Common Tips :

  1. Revise the basic knowledge of your respective branch and familiar coding language.

  2. As, Cognizant is a IT company, they expect some basic knowledge about any programming language. So, learn basics of any programming language, how to develop an algorithm.

  3. At the time of interview be confident, be calm and give attention to your approach of answering.

  4. While answering in interview, first understand the question and then give the proper answer.

  5. If interviewer asks do you have any questions for me? If you have relatable questions to ask, then only ask.

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