Even most of the corporates collaborate with companies forms new ventures and tries to integrate their ideas and making something beautiful of it.

Is it collaboration has real that much power? There is one rule in food industry market If you want to grow even if bigger partner is their collaborate with them and a smaller partner is their acquire them. Americas Whole Food Chains is an example of such growth. Now You can guess it’s potential . The idea or mechanism behind the collaboration is based on the mutual benefit. Stephan Covey one of the New York best seller author of book 7 Habits of Highly effective people also mentioned this trait as important one for the growth.

Collaboration creates idea integration through diversity. Do you know why some major university are being most popular in the world? Not by the teachings of those curriculum because those who admitted to University already achieved academic excellence in their respective fields so why one should get enroll their? The honest answer by the one of the professor from GSB was the environment and culture integration . GSB, Harvard are the some of the examples of it.

Now the question is How one student should use this phenomenon of win-win situation for mutual benefit. Now you know the concept and think of it and comment down How we can use this collaboration?

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