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The complexity of organizational decision-making and influencing becomes complex as organization grows. It’s possible to control 33 crore population than 131 crore population diversity. We Indian’s still maintained that complexity with diversity. Every society has some conflicts in it as every person in that has a unique capacity to think differently. I am today interested in resolving those conflicts, understanding the basic structure of influence.

I am interested in some quotes which are related to such a situation too. After reading this you will be able to look at the same problem from a different perspective. By understanding the core in it we can develop such policies in the future at our workplace or also we can analyze opposition policies to tackle such in various contexts.

I tried to minimize the image as uploaded above. As we know any process can be formalized as input and output and dependability on some factors, functions, and mechanisms. I tried to gather all core functions. Each decision, order, policies have these bases. If we can analyze that we can truly understand the concept and also to the diagnosis of opponent strategies these base will help to counter.

After 1991 India open up their markets. India accepted the mix of capitalism and communism. Now in today’s scenario government facing the dilemma of business vs administration. What to choose? business or administration or either both ? From both perspectives, it is critical to say which works better. I will discuss the cons than the pros. Because I am particularly interested in tackling, analyzing the problem in each perspective.

Value transfer:- It is reported that in communism bias countries there is corruption, it is the main critical con as no communist-biased country until today can overcome it successfully. The govt. fed employees deliver more value in govt businesses rather than salary. So to compensate for that value transfer to the company. Market offer bribes to such officials. It doesn’t mean that it’s fair. Every government tries to eradicate that notion of value discrimination but has not been successful until now.

Authority/ Power Concentration:- In capitalism authority goes to a higher hierarchy position. It is a common notion that you can’t fail expectations of authority. It creates inequality in society. Capitalist biased countries find these issues critical to solving such inequalities in terms of social inequality, income inequality.

I think the environment I grow and influence on me says that each society developed its pro and cons from its organizational behavior and If we can analyze that organization response as normal response and abnormal response. So we can analyze it. Curiously I find all cons and also pros as normal responses. These normal responses add such complexity to the organization. It’s research part that how much complexity should be added by the abnormal behaviors? In contexts of solving those problems, it’s necessary to draw the lines between them as normal and abnormal.


Every organization wants diversity for more innovation and sustainability. Each organization needs to address such things for sustainability, innovation. Stanford University /Harvard universities rely on these principles that’s why it’s most popular among the World for business MBA candidates. These candidates represent their diversity, but their thinking is on the table, and after discussion with peers in such an environment, it creates a new composition, propositions for innovation. I can relate this with business ideas that come from traveling, exploring new territories.

Inclusion is aligning these communities with minimum conflicts in it. We can formalize such an organization by aligning visions and regulations to control, govern.


Unity requires a stability organization. We already studied that in chemistry that each reaction tends to stability but each reaction induces disorder in it. Similarly, in every organization, we want more stability with the same time low disorder in it. Conflicts should be minimum is aimed at low disorder. I explained detailed how unity theory with threat approach in my previous blog. Read that blog for more clarity of the scene. Competitions bring competency with elevated skills and more confidence in the product, strategy. Israel used this approach from the 2nd world War. Today they are listed as one of the powerful countries. How does patriotism, nationalism works? You can relate to this. I explained in my previous blog. Just click here to jump on that blog.

Threats /Geopolitics:-

If you read that previous blog now you can understand the importance of threats. Because human is dynamic if not given any work will lead to internal conflicts. If provided with the threat it will survive in order of security (Fear). For example, if each religion you can find that a God and if we do something wrong which is not accepted by society. God will punish. That fear leads people to civilize a long time ago in the early period. If such fears are not present then human-animal nature leads them self interest conflicts and self-destruction occurs. That’s why threats should be there and today also they are present.

Geopolitics:- Recently Afghanistan saw a shift in government as America leaves Afghanistan. Taliban comes in power. America finds it hard to fight in such terrain. Terrain also impacted the results of war in the America-Vietnam war. So yes, Geopolitics matters. I will try to elaborate on geopolitics in my next blog. Now for today, it’s enough to know terrain matters.

If we are able to draw such lines successfully in all the above concepts. It’s hard to break stability in society. The ideal situation which we want!!

Motivation/Persuasion:- In my previous blog I mentioned all motivational theories please click here to jump there. I explained why it matters? Similarly, I uploaded 6 factors of persuasion. These are general behavior tactics people expected and also can be predicted for short-term behavior.

I specifically uploaded photos because 1st image clears the whole scene of theory and this science of persuasion image directs what we can do right now. The first image shows the complex work of society and organization. This science of persuasion image can clear the scene from whom to influence and for who to influence. It’s necessary to keep the science of persuasion in your head every day to avoid manipulation. Not all influences, manipulations are bad. It's our responsibility to be aware of ourselves.

Keep Reading!! Keep Exploring!!

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