Dear World, Why Should I Change?

Dear World, I have much more questions to discuss with you. It is a little monologue with you. Why to Change?

There is phrase much popular such as “Here in this world nothing is constant except Change”. Everyone thinks in terms to change, improve the things. It may be change in itself, change in community. I think most of us always hear change so frequently that probably most of us don’t even think why to change? Is it necessary? Changes may be in terms thoughts, habits, intuition. From evolution perspective we seen lot of things get modified, get complexes. Human development, Agriculture, Industrialization, all aspects of life we see today are the modified versions of previous things. If someone wants to enquire what if we didn’t change? Is it other species will dominate us? Is it still we remain survived? From all those phenomenon can we conclude that Yes change is their even if we want it or not ?

What causes such changes? What factors drive that change? Whether it is Environmental, Genetic ,Security, Freedom, Fear, Desire? If we check this possibilities will it comes to conclusion about it’s combination of all things and also it may be possibility of other factor which is not mentioned here. Such factors consciously or unconsciously drive that change. Where we are Upto now is that change is their, either it may be good or bad? . Again it’s Upto whom? how to define what is good and what is bad?

What should I expect in my leadership age what change should I accept? How I lead my human species ? Is it capitalism and communism will unite? Is sustainable environment can be achieved? Is human species get satisfied? What should be the parameter’s of that change? How should a young guy perceiving his bachelors degree makes his mind set compatible for such situation? I want to enquire those questions with you. Dear world how should I know what you exactly want? How should I make you more peaceful? How would you communicate with us? Is it language known to us?

Why I should consider your authority to drive this world? Is it possible without your authority to lead here? Is it something like chess game where your making moves from both side while pretending to be game is on? What you derive from it? Is it moves are random ones or with a calculated risk? Is it game has end? Can I beat you as a one of the entity which is also part of you in above game ?

What comes to table Is it going to decide what should I eat? Or either I have menu card to look upon options for me? Even if options are their can I rationally come up with that option? Is it my decision taking ability biased? How should I come to a rational decision? Is it rational decision is their or just a perception? Whether you listen to the environment? What type of relationship do you have? Will he negotiate his values for us? What should be his priorities? Is it possible to live by denying other species? According to Darwin, survival of fittest , Is it mean that the species which are not fit have not right to live here? Why shouldn’t fittest species protect smaller species which are not fit ? Is it fittest species remain King of this world all over the time? Or is it just point analysis conclusion (A perception of short term analysis)?

At last suggest me 2 things which I can learn from you? I get baffled by those above thoughts. Please Guide me. I am looking for someone to guide me . I have attached a Google Form with this to know from you. Your Feedback. Click here Have A Good Day Ahead . Keep Learning Keep Reading. 🤩

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