Depression Diary

When I googled something my eyes stucked on one quote and quote was-

“ People think depression is sadness.

That it’s crying and dressing in black,

But people are wrong.

Depression is constant feeling numb.

It’s being numb to emotions, being numb to life.

You wake up in the morning just go back to bed again”


Yeah it’s about depression. This quote really hits my heart and so relatable when u faced this kind of life.

“when Countless nights with feeling of worthless, many mornings haunted you, life without goal and ambitions, every time wanted to sleep and nothing to do with people and don’t even want to say ‘HI’ to people” really difficult to survive in this kind of mindset. Everyone talks about other’s experience of depression but today I want to share my depression diary with you. Really want to share about depression and mental well- being. Yeah I know some people might be making fun of me but I found courage within myself after gone through this situation. Think positive about life is one value but in reality fact always differ from value. Ohh, its seems like little bit philosophical literature. Don’t worry I’ll explain bit later. In nutshell, I want to tell you about mental well- being. You might be thinking that it’s act of sympathy then it’s totally wrong . Because I really wanted to make people aware about their self and surroundings. I just wanted to highlight today’s scenario about youth which is really underestimated.

First, some people even don’t know what exactly depression ?by WHO, Depression is common mental disorder that presents with depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, decreased energy, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite and poor conversation. After glance through this so called definition , you might be thinking that it’s quite happened to me and you diagnosed yourself with 3 or more symptoms, right? But depression in reality more chronic than this word based definition. Actually depression starts with anxiety. Feeling of anxious become chronic or recurrent and it leads to you in depressive episodes. This depressive episodes range from mild, moderate, severe. In mild and moderate people feel you do good with your life and good at taking responsibility but depression is all about internal struggle which might be not seen by anybody.

So depression is all about insidious to person, people with depression seems like normal but after conditions led to suicide we came to know that he/she suffered a lot(like Sushant Singh). Sometimes people by themselves unable to recognize what happens to them . This situation also happened to me then I realized that I need to talk somebody which is closest to me. But it turns me shattered because my so called friend made my fun by saying you behaved like immature child of 5-6 std. then I realized the most important lesson in my life is that no one really wanted to listen what’s your problem and just stepped away by making fun of your situation. But then I made stance for me by myself and I consult doctor online platform. He really understand my situation give me a ray of hope. Specially he listen me without judging which I wanted . Then I realized that when something is bothered you please speak out to person who really cares rather making fun of you.

I really want to request you people to support people who really struggling with this kind of a situation.

When their loneliness compounded day by day its lead worst turn and name of this turn is ”SUICIDE”. No matter what you achieve, how old you are but really matter your Mental well-being. Need to uplift yourself by spiritually. True friends, family members all are enough to get out of this situation.

At last, I wanted to plea that person , if you are struggling with this situation, please speek out to someone who really cares your existence. and I want to request college that, yes there is need to do with our infrastructure, placement numbers and other activity’s but your student struggling with this kind of situation ,there is no meaning to set ambitious goal and plans it’s meaningless. because highest number of youth is struggling with depression and affects their productivity. there is need of an our to organize proper setup which deal with this problem through consultation with student. For further information or if you spotted you in this kind of situation please take proper consultation. And TAKE CARE yourself because your existence really matters to us. I know this conversation seems serious but need to understand real problem in our society. Need to see situation without any stigma.

Yes , definitely it’s hard to deal with your Depression but trust me it’s not Impossible.

-----Your one of friend who really cares your existence.

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