IoT is the Future!

Ever used a fitness band or smartwatch? If yes, you would have noticed a daily report of your fitness status on your phone. It would show the distance you walked, your sleeping hours, heartbeat rate and many more. Wonder how this exactly happen? Lets see.

The fitness band which we wear has an array of sensors such as a heartbeat sensor, motion sensor and temperature sensor which record all these data. The band then computes and then sends this data to another connected device say your smartphone that too only on one click! Awesome right?

This network of the devices is what we can term as IoT (Internet of Things).

What is IoT?

It can be seen as a device to device connection. It is estimated that a great number of devices are connected to the internet than the humans. This simply means that if the devices around us are interconnected - collecting, storing and exchanging data to achieve a common goal then we say its an IoT system.

IoT can be very beneficial and its future is so promising that we are going to deal with smart cities, smart cars, smart farming and much more!

Where we can experience IoT?

There are many amazing applications of IoT and that also in variety of fields :

1. Smart Home Applications

When we talk about IoT applications, Smart Homes are probably the first thing that we think of. As an example we can see the AI home automation employed by Mark Zuckerberg.

Also there is Allen Pan's Home Automation System where functions in the house are actuated by the use of a string of musical notes.

2. Health care

IoT applications can turn reactive medical-based system into proactive wellness-based systems.

The resources that current medical research uses, lack critical real-world information. It mostly

uses leftover data, controlled environments and volunteers for medical examination. IoT opens ways to a sea of valuable data through analysis, real time field data and testing.

3. Agriculture

Statistics estimate the ever growing world population to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050! To feed such a massive population one needs to marry agriculture to technology and obtain best results. There are n number of things to do and one of them is Smart Greenhouse.

A greenhouse farming technique enhances the yield of the crops by controlling environmental parameters.

A greenhouse with embedded devices not only makes it easier to be monitored but also enables us to control the climate inside it. Sensors measure different parameters according to the plant requirement and send it to the cloud. It, then process the data and applies a control action.

4. Industrial Automation

This is one of the fields where both faster developments, as well as the quality of products, are the critical factors for a higher return on Investment. With IoT applications, one could even re-engineer products and their packaging to deliver better performance in both cost and customer experience. IoT here can prove to be game changing with solutions for all the domains as follows :

  • Factory Digitalization

  • Inventory Management

  • Quality Control

  • Packaging Optimization

  • Logistics

So that's all community! I surely encourage you to explore more about IoT and experience the way how it makes our lives easier.

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