Let's explore the beauty of Pachmarhi

So that call was unexpected from my uncle who lives in Pulgaon. I was in 2nd year of my Diploma at hostel, picked up that call and he told me that he and the whole family was planning about the trip to explore the beauty of Pachmarhi,a well known hill station in Madhya Pradesh. As I am fond of traveling, I was so excited to be the eyewitness of that beauty. So without any second though I answered yes to the call and packed my luggage, took one week leave from hostel and boarded bus to my home.

We, family had already arranged such travel trip many times, so I was well updated with all necessary stuff for journey. My all team was also ready with great excitement on there faces welcomed me to home. We had still 2 days to leave our place so we decided roadmap of our journey and booked small travel bus. I and along with me my little cousins were eagerly waiting to shine that day of journey.

And finally our wait was over and it was about 4 in the morning, we little members woke up unexpectedly without any alarm. After our morning ritual we gents packed our luggage and ladies did packing of food, necessary for mid travel break. We were 8 peoples including my Granny and Grandpa. We locked the doors and stepped out. Our travel bus was on time,waiting for us. With a great enthusiasm, we occupied our seats and bus started to run.

I was excited not only to explore the hill station, but i wanted to record all those sweet family moments of travel in camera. It took about 3 and half hours to leave the border of Maharashtra and we had stepped into the Madhya Pradesh. I just want to express the beauty of road which we had taken for Pachmarhi.

Those sharp turns and zig zag road thrilled our body. If I do the comparison then it is like Manali Road. We can hardly distinguish between these two roads. It took us through the mountains of MP lavished with numbers of trees and different plants on both side of road. Those mountains are one of the highest in MP ,and were mesmerising our eyes with their sharp turns and curves. The traffic was so heavy and dangerous that if by chance driver lost his concentration, there might be any accident. But fortunately we made our journey successful and reached our destination.

Physically we were so tired and thirsty but our eyes were so overwhelmed after seeing those beautiful scenarios, welcome area, lodges, buildings n all town. But it was about to night so we have decided to book a lodge where we were going to stay for next couple of days. You can imagine how beautiful and attractive Pachmarhi is, from their lodging facilities that they are value for money and so comfortable. For next 1 and half hours we got fresh up and ready to go for our dinner.

I was so excited to rise the next day morning so that we could be the actual part of Pachmarhi that is its well known points. We planned our day for tomorrow and went for sleeping.

The next day started with a great Exhilaration. So the first place where we were going to visit was Motha Mahadev Gadh (चौरागढ). All tourists started their trip with this gadh as it is famous for Lord Shankar's oldest temple in MP. So we also started form this after taking our breakfast. But hold on, let me tell you one thing that it is not that much easy to reach to the temple as it is situated at height if 1067m in a valley of satpura ranges.

The path was stair less and muddy. One should take each n every step very carefully. But even through this thrilling way, small shops of snacks and various drinks were made available for tourists. And finally after that difficult treaking we reached to the temple. Initially, we arranged some drinking water for our elder people and other God worship necessary stuff and went for Mahadev Darshan.

"I am so blessed that I visited this place with such great faith on Mahadev”

There , we enjoyed the height and the scenario, captured in our camera and with blessing of lord Shankar, we moved to other place that is Pandav Caves. It is place where Pandavs had stayed during their Agyatavas. It is very nice place to visit. We bravely entered a cave only to come out holding our breath due to some bad smell, that was the only drawback. But, The caves had paintings in them from ancient times. In front of these caves, there is a big garden of various flowers which attract you towards them.

Only these two spots took our entire day and we were so hungry. Thus we wrapped our 1st day visit and went back to our lodge.

Next day's plan was to visit Bee Fall which the highest fall of MP and also well known for Honey bees. And along with this we were also going to visit Rajendra Prasad Garden. It is the place where our first president passed last days of his life. Honestly I was excited to visit Bee fall because I wanted to take that fall on my body and relax completely, which I did so well and captured those moments.Then after we started our walk towards Garden. The same spot is also famous for sun set view.

After that we decided to visit V valley. As its name define, it is the valley of about 2 to 4 big mountains curved in shape of V. Those nature and their beauty is just eye refreshing. We enjoyed alot there and returned back to our lodge. Up to that time we had covered almost all the famous spots. The next day was for Dhup Gadh and JataShankar (जटाशंकर).

Dhup garh is the highest mountain of Madhya pradesh. It is famous for Wind power generation and the forest of this garh contains those plants which can cure cancer. Dhup is the name given to this mountain as during sunset time its view is just amazing. One should make one trip to such places.

After that we moved to Jata shanakar temple. It is famous for Gupt Ganga coming from the head of ShivLing.

In spite of that, this divine temple had constructed under the mountains.

Those blessings were the best to me and my family after visiting such glorious places. And we ended our Pachmarhi trip with that last point.

And I got memories for lifetime.

Guys please do let me know your response after reading this. Yes I know blog is quite long but it involves all those sweet moments that I had experienced in Pachmarhi .

Thank you……

- Kavish Tayde

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