Missing your campus life at GCEK? Share your memories!

Hey Community,

Greetings from Team Syncing.GCEK!

It's been a year we all are stuck at our homes. We are unable to go outdoors. This also affected the way we used to attend college.

We all have many memories of our campus life. Many of us from the first year not even visited the classrooms yet.

But for many of us from the second year to the final year and alumni also do have many unforgettable memories. Those struggle of waking up early, preparing for college, hostel friends, food at mess, practicals, lectures!

Ohhh! We are missing it all!

Let's use this platform #syncinggcek to share your campus memories with the #community!

Let everyone know, even though we are not at the campus, but we are all #onefamily #myGCEK

You can share your memories in the Forum

Go ahead and share your story!

Cheers to the community!

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With love

Team Syncing.GCEK!

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