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47!! Yes you heard it right. It is the last blog questions answer. We covered the how cognitive illusions shapes our decision if you didn’t read that blog click here . In this blog we will discover how one can perceive information? How we jumps to the conclusion? Look at the given image.

Most probably you read it as ABC and 12 13 14.Why is it happen so? One should read it as A 13 C and 12 B 13 but that’s the rare case. That’s our external surrounding that we use to make such decisions. Now look at the middle sentence . After reading what’s the mental image you made in your mind. Probably someone lady walking on streets heading towards the bank. Right ? What happens if I say a sentence prior to that as Ann tries to escaping the flood and now she approached the bank. What mental image now creates in your mind. Is it totally different from first mental image? The meaning of bank totally changed in perspective.

Let’s go to simplify further. Do you ever faced such situation where you are get to the fact which is unknown to you. You simply believe it as a true and after some time you will get to know that it was wrong. I have faced so much situations in my childhood like Don’t go their in dark ghosts live their, if you ate the seeds the tree will grow in your stomach. It’s the system 1 who believe that facts as truth but after analysing system 2 confirms that what is the truth.

That termed it as confirmation bias and in first blog I explained availability bias. As I assured you that using simple images and examples I will explain. Let’s no w look at the below image.

What do you find that is Alan is more favourable than Bob? But if you look clearly I just changed the order instead of characters. It proves that mind is thinking much more about initial characters than last. Is it? The tendency to like (or dislike) everything about a Person—including things you have not observed—is known as the Halo Effect. Today’s social media campaigning we can relate it to this halo effect. How politicians make their image on social media, how it impacts on the election results. You can predict percentage of social media impact to build image.

The other aspects that impacts are due WYSIT Rule(What You see Is Their)

The Overconfidence: As the WY SIATI rule implies, The confidence that individuals have in their beliefs Depends mostly on the quality of the story they can tell about what They see, even if they see little. We often fail to allow for the Possibility that evidence that should be critical to our judgment is missing—what we see is all there is.

•Framing effects: Different ways of presenting the same information Often evoke different emotions. Consider the statement “the odds of Survival one month after surgery are 90%” is more reassuring than The equivalent statement that “mortality within one month of surgery is 10%.” The Equivalence of the alternative formulations is transparent, but an Individual normally sees only one formulation, and what she sees is All there is.

Conclusively All our conclusions are based on our system 1 thinking. Those conclusion need not to be true but presents their as WYSIT rule implies here. It’s not necessary that every Ann approaching bank to deposit money. Ben is also showing similar characters like Alan. Not every social media influencer will behave as they shows. Overconfidence and framing effect also affects on perceiving information.

Here is the last question for you. Most of the scholars can’t answer this. A bat and a ball cost $1.10 in total. The bat costs $1.00 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost? Comment below the answer and We will explore how exactly we came to decision?

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For more insights read the book 'Thinking Fast and Slow'by Daniel Kahneman

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