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This is going to be the last blog on this My thinking on thoughts series. Offcourse we will meet again with new thoughts and insights. Upto now we have covered the how thought shapes by our illusions? How we perceive it? How we jump to the conclusions? Right?

Now we are diving into the judgement part where how our system 1 thinking make judgements how it affected by factors such as intensity matching, set prototypes, mental shotgun effect.

We will see one by one first we will see what are basic judgements or assessment? Look at the given set of images.

Which Image looks like a trustworthy? Most probably from just looking facial expressions most people choose third image is likely to be most trustworthy than other 2.While all you can see that images of same person just facial expressions changed using Photoshop. For brain it’s just like basic kind of assessment. Consider another example where you see an image in jungle as shown here.

That’s the system 1 response. We also see that on social media where most posts are how draws attention by using those assessment just like showing here. Those basic assessments going to make a primary judgement in our mind.

The next big factor impacts that is sets and prototypes. Our brain already created a mental images of the things that's around us. Think of a tree.What image you sees that the mental image of tree in your mind. Despite there are so much diversity in trees our brain tends to normalise it. Look at the how stereotypes are their we already defined.

The another factor that has also effect on judgement is mental shotgun.

Mental shotgun is system 1 response. During reading rhyming words some another question raised in minds that slows the performance and resulting into speed slows. What could be the reason for it? Spelling you guess it right. During reading those words mind get in conflict to check spelling despite it’s a rhyme. Now you can get all the major factors that comes to judgement. Intensity matching, heuristics are also their .

The main question rises that what will be the potential of these understanding of human psychology? Is it still worth to reading this blog inspite just reading as friends blog? The answer is yes in digital transformation you will have to need to known with this mechanisms. A well designed autonomous car needs to know human biology in order to take decisions on the roads and that needs all human psychology to be algorithmic, Science has no till date proof of free will existence. It means all our decision are biased, influenced by environment. Human can't make decisions through free will. All you have proofs of election campaigns, social media influencing.

So what you can conclude from all those effects, mechanisms? A complex structure of human brain how decides where to make career? How to perceive it? How to judge it? Right ? nally at the end

… . Stay Safe Stay Healthy Stay Updated…

For more insights and to explore more Read Thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman.

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