Need To Improve Research Work...

About a century ago in India there were lot of scientists. At that time India was ruled by the British but still our scientists kept raising the flag of India. It is the matter of concern and concern that today, with abundant infrastructure, research centers, but no world class level scientist is emerging or appearing in research.

Research and technology development work take place in universities and technical institutes. But, we have universities that are political bases. Therefore, we have to go beyond the orbit and create an environment for science and social development in our country. Development cannot be imagine today without science and technology. Today we have abundant infrastructure for technical and research development. Our country have more than 200 national laboratories, hundreds of universities. India has had some success in the field of space and nuclear missiles. However, we do not have any new research to tell the world.

India ranks third in the world in the number of scientists and engineers in the country. However, all scientific research is credited to the foreign scientists, no Indian name appears in it seeing such a situation, it is questionable whether the research is in progress in our country or not. What research are currently working on in the various scientific institutes we have today? Whether there is conductive environment for scientific progress in the country such questions remain in mind.

Scientists and technological knowledge now have become the medium of financial resources. The scientific and technological capabilities of any country are linked to the equation of its economic progress. Technological knowledge has now become a tool of trade. Therefore, without the science and technological knowledge, the progress of any country becomes a impossible...

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