Organizational Behaviour & Influence.

Human beings explored a lot of the universe. Organized almost 99% of tribes. Connected the whole world through trading, traveling. In recent years due to the internet, these organizations can share their experience, shared values, and culture. As new organizations become large the complexity increases. Organizations fight and sometimes have war too for Power, Authority and Freedom . Some negotiate the situations. But overall it becomes a complex structure.

In this blog, we will look at how thoughts influence? how had decisions been taken? What is neuromarketing? We will particularly focus on free will and neuromarketing.

Thought Can be Induced

When I was reading I also get shocked that if I have freedom even then how can be thought induced? It should be my own. Up to now, there is no evidence of to existence of a free will. No experiment also showed that free will not exist. If free will doesn’t exist which freedom we are discussing. Then researchers and scientists concluded that environmental, genetic factors are what influence those decisions. From this, we can conclude that thought can be induced.

Examples of influence.

In Japan when Nescafe tried to capture market share in coffee. It was not able to scale the business. Analysis shows that in Japan’s culture it’s local tea and no concept of coffee as such. The company started to provide candy, toffee with coffee flavors and introduced coffee culture in children from their childhood now today Nescafe has the biggest market share of coffee in Japan.

MacDonald Experiment

In 2018-19 some journalists from New York claimed that MacDonald used neuromarketing to influence their brand over others and also provided illegally funding to such researches that influence the customer. 2-3 documentaries are also available on YouTube. What they experimented with is that when people pass across the stores. How could be that smell will attract the customer to spend? How to advertise brands such as most people get their attention. How to indirectly influence children even if they are not able to think with total awareness? Even if these brands deny such research but we can relate this with today’s ad campaign. Now in 2022, it’s legal, neuromarketing is a newly introduced and open new field in marketing studies.

Yuah Harari already said in his book that humans can be hacked. This equation can be formalized as



B= Biological Inputs

C= Computation Power

D= Decision Making

AHH= Artificially Human Hack

Now you can relate to how much it influences. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology helped its faster processing. This could be useful for customer-specific product designing, helps to improve customer relationships. At the same time, we have to think upon regulations too because these biological inputs are external but the concern will occur if it is internal.

In particularly behavior economics, I will suggest Nudge theory, Prospect theory, Power of persuasion book by Cialdini. We will discuss those theories in next blog.

To know the complexity of decision making let’s play a game.

Purely your choice …!!

If I give A packet to each with 10 ₹ notes in it. You either keep it 10₹ and return me an empty packet or give me back as it is 10₹ in the packet. I will not see. I will collect all packets checking notes in it if I find a note in it I will add one more 10₹ in it. If I find it empty I will keep it as it is. After this, I will assign all these packets to you randomly.

What you will choose?

1. Keeping the money

2. Give back as it is

Comment me your choice. You can also relate it with Jio Vs Airtel Pricing strategy.

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