SG Yearly Roundup 🎉 Welcoming 2022 🔥

Hey Community👋 We really want to say, THANK YOU!!. 2021 was tough but so were we 💪, and it couldn’t have been possible without your support!

For today, let us take you through a recap of 2021!😉

  • We launched our community platform in May 2021, we started branding ourselves and showed you a new version of GCEK Community, thank you for accepting us in every way :)

  • Our community members shared thoughts, views on current situations, tech, arts! We've around 40 blogs in 10 various categories with an avg view count of 100!🤝

  • Then comes everyone’s favourite and our most successful initiative Alumni Connect Series! ❤️ Through 15 ACS events, we aimed to accelerate the alumni-student relations. We’ve had altogether 2000+ Registrations🤩

  • We've got a good social media presence on Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube - We uploaded 15 ACS videos on YT, got thousands of views!🔥

  • And of course, the learnings, collaborations, connections made through this platform with our distinguished alumni of GCEK all around the globe - This is what we actually proud of! 💪

  • Let's have sync with the Syncing GCEK Community to achieve great collaborations!❤️

Syncing.GCEK - Community Forum of GCE Karad!

The first-ever online community website of GCE Karad Campus! Syncing GCEK - A platform for all to share their ideas! Join the community. Explore forum. With ❤️ Team Syncing.GCEK

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