Smart learning with Augmented Reality

All of us once in our life, while watching some sci-fi movies, have been amazed by the real life images appearing in middle of the room. Sounds interesting though right?

By the way, the technology behind this has been evolved so far and it is well known to be " Augmented Reality (AR) ".

What exactly AR do?

Augmented Reality basically superimposes or creates visuals layering a computer generated image such as 3D objects, text, animations, video etc over the real world via a user interface. Now a days AR is widely used in the fields like gaming, entertainment and even the military is using AR.

But there is one more field where AR can and is bringing revolution, can you guess? Exactly, education! AR is proving beneficial in transforming our classrooms, lets find out HOW!

AR in Education

Use of AR in the classrooms can result into much better learning experience. AR helps to improve one's critical thinking ability tenfold. This is the reason why AR should be converged with education in order to get miraculous transformation.

How Augmented Reality is beneficial in classrooms?

Following are some of the benefits of incorporating AR in classrooms :

  1. It provides better understanding of complex concepts through visuals.

  2. Helps to increase interest and curiosity in student's mind.

  3. According to scientific studies, the visual content is far more effective leading to long term memory of information i.e. the content can be remembered for a long time.

  4. Also it helps to escape the trouble of field trips.

Which AR accessories can be used?

There are plenty of augmented reality software and hardware options available :

  • Microsoft HoloLens, powered by Microsoft, is a collection of amazing AR handsets and with transparent lenses.

  • For students, CoSpaces Edu is one of the reliable platform.

  • Shapes 3D is beneficial for enhanced Math learning.

  • Google expeditions can also be opted for exploring artifacts and sites.

Future of AR in smart learning

So far we have seen that how AR is an effective tool in education and motivates educators to revolutionize learning. It is expected that by 2025, beginners will get best experience of augmented reality in the classrooms, which will surely enhance their understanding of concepts and also build a quality foundation for their further learning.

So that's all community! I hope you will find this piece of information useful and I encourage you to go through other sources also to know more about Augmented Reality.

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