Yesterday, at 11:30 PM, randomly scrolling through the Instagram feed, I was stopped by a reel featuring Late actor, Sushant Singh Rajpoot. The reel was clipping from his film "Chhichore"

"Hum haar jeet, success-failure Mein Itna ulajh Gaye hai…ki Zindagi Jeena bhool Gaye hai…Zindagi Mein agar Kuch sabse zyada important hai…to woh hai khud Zindagi.." says the actor.

The person who gives a message through his film not to commit suicide succumbs to death by the same reason, Oh Irony!

after SSR's death, words like "depression", "mental health" etc etc, started gaining limelight in the discussion. before that, we often failed to acknowledge that Mental health is also a part of over all wellbeing. In fact, most of people generally fail to identify their depression and reluctant to seek therapeutical advice. Anything relates to "psychology","mental health" is taken as "Madness". This is one of the major reason why people hide their Mental problem which leads to serious problems affecting themselves as well as others too.

not just the SSR, but around us we can find many people suffering from depression at different levels, mild depression is often unnoticed yet affects a a lot to the ones' personality. Young people between 15-25 yrs of age are particularly more vulnerable to this. Because at this tender age , we are more likely to experience the things with higher intensity and leave its impregnation on mind for longer. It is the time when most of us experience failure, heartbreaks, betrayals, disillusionments.. and not mentally ready to accept all the things.

What leads to depression? We have some expectations from ourselves in life. Failure in satisfying our own expectations leads to stress and consequently if we are not able to handle stress that lands us into depression. Suppose a child is topper throughout her school life and fails to clear IITJEE that, can lead her into depression due to inability to meet her own expectations.

How does depression affect us? it inverts the personality of the person completely! a happy go lucky type confident girl may freeze to silence and feel lost in her thoughts, an extrovert talkative person becomes highly introverted!

How to identify depression or depression-like symptoms? by observing! As per my observation in my peer group and in general, I found some indicators:

  • sudden behavioural change; a person becomes highly aggressive and at the same time emotional/highly sensitive.

  • people who try to look happy are not always! if a person who doesn't post much on social media, suddenly starts posting a lot of memes, funny posts, own pics something is there which is surely affecting him/her.

  • A talkative person instead of speaking a lot, starts observing people silently. trying to search own comfort zone amongst them!

  • One starts overthinking excessively about future.

  • Frequent Insomania!

  • feeling of inferiority complex about ownself.

  • degraded academic performance, in some cases it gets better too!

  • a person who is not fond of watching movies, starts binge watching because some where he/she tries to find a comfort zone in the imaginary world, some how trying to hide the feeling of being looser in the real world! a person fond of romantic movies start watching action movies more.

  • Unable to overcome painful memories even after years.

  • change in eating habits, a foodie might start skipping meals or meal skipper might turn to voracious eater!

  • If that person is artist, he/she starts using cooler shades of colours like blue, purple, navy blue in their drawing.

Above signs doesn't directly imply the person is mentally sick but some thing is surely affecting him/her which may aggravate to depression.

How to deal with depression? I found some simple ways that can help anyone:

Firstly, we need to identify that we are not well, something is affecting us inside out!

  • Acceptance is the key! we need to accept whatever happened has happened! If I m a failure, then be it! even they survive!

  • Speak, write, dance, sing and express yourself as much as you can!

  • try to move out far away from the place/ things /people that make you feel depressed! When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.

  • Appreciate yourself! and every little thing you do!

  • try to learn new skills, new languages. Learning Bharatnatyam while synchronizing feet to its beats may help you to forget anything that is pricking your heart from longer!

  • Exercise daily. 1 hr of HIIT or Kickboxing may pump you with endorphins and happy hormones leaving you sense of well being.

  • Practicing any Martial arts can also help you to recover soon. It is really beneficial.

  • Mediation will calm your mind.

  • If you have failed to achieve any Goal, try to aim higher than that, in the process of achieving your next target you will forget the bitterness earlier one gave!

  • Try to develope Emotional intelligence, ie, the ability to identify and channelize your emotions for a constructive perpose .

  • Solve Mathematics or Quantitative aptitude or any subject involving Mathematical calculations!

  • Do things to make yourself happy, keeping in mind that only how you're feeling should matter at that time.

  • Even after trying everything, nothing helps one should seek therapist advice without hesitation.

I m not a psychological expert nor professional therapist but all the above things I have observed, gathered through observation and found useful in my case. It may help anyone who is going through mental upheaval and help them to overcome the trouble they are facing all alone.

Let us normalise Depression, so that being depressed doesn't become another reason of depression!

So next time when you meet some one new , your roommate , your classmate or your family member closely observe their smiles! because most beautiful smiles hide a lot of secrets.

Help them overcome any trouble they are facing alone.

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