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Period :

A period happens because of changes in hormones in the body. Hormones are chemical messengers. The ovaries release the female hormones estrogen and progesterone . These hormones cause the lining of the uterus (or womb) to build up. The built-up lining is ready for a fertilized egg to attach to and start developing. If there is no fertilized egg, the lining breaks down and bleeds. Then the same process happens all over again.

Age :

Period starts between the age 10 to 15.

Periods stops between the age 45 to 55.

Duration :

Periods usually last for 2 to 8 days.

Periods usually happens between 22 to 35 days starting from the first period to first day of the next period.

PMS (premenstrual syndrome) :

Changes in your body's hormone levels before your period can cause physical and emotional changes.

This is known as PMS (premenstrual syndrome) or PMT (premenstrual tension).

There are many possible symptoms of PMS, but typical symptoms include:

feeling bloated

breast tenderness

mood swings

feeling irritable

spotty skin or greasy hair

loss of interest in sex

These symptoms usually improve when your period starts and disappear a few days afterwards. Not all women who have periods get PMS.

Sanitary products:

Sanitary products soak up or collect the blood released during your period. The main types of sanitary products are:

1]Sanitary pads :-

Sanitary pads are strips of padding that have a sticky side you attach to your underwear to hold them in place. One side of the pad is made of an absorbent material that soaks up the blood.

Use one sanitary pad for 5hr to 6hr.

Pads come in many sizes, so you can choose one to suit how heavy or light your period is.

2]Tampons :-

Tampons are small tubes of cotton wool that you insert into your vagina to soak up the blood before it comes out of your body.

There are 2 types of tampon - ones that come with an applicator and others without an applicator that you insert with your fingers. In both cases, there's a string at one end of the tampon, which you pull to remove it.

Tampons come with instructions that explain how to use them. If the tampon is inserted correctly, you should not be able to feel it inside you. If you can feel it or it hurts, it might not be inserted properly.

It is not possible for a tampon to get stuck or lost inside you. Your vagina holds it firmly in place and it expands inside you as it soaks up the blood.

Use one tampon for 5hr to 6hr

After use of tampons and pads wrap in proper product and discard it into trash.

3]Menstrual cups :-

Menstrual cups are an alternative to sanitary pads and tampons. The cup is made from silicone and you put it inside your vagina.

Menstrual cups collect the blood rather than absorb it. Unlike sanitary pads and tampons, which are thrown away after they've been used, you can wash menstrual cups and use them again.

Every 4-12hr(depending on the amount of flow) the cup is removed, emptied, rinsed,

reinserted. After each period, the cup requires cleaning.

One cup may be reusable for up to 10 years.

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