What Changed Now?

Last year Corona pandemic outbreaks and impacted the whole world. It was the nightmare for the optimistic who never thought of those situations. It fundamentally setbacks the questions where we are heading.. I think it’s opportunity to a society to restructuring it’s most fundamentals. Thought provoking question raised by the pandemic situation shows that Human social behaviour need to be changed. It raised question about businesses, education system, lifestyle, beliefs? Nature also showing his power to the human species. Heavy rainfall in little time, massive floods, increased landslides incidents, forest fires, increased earth temperature leading to global warming. All those incident again showing signs of environmental instability. As a part of environment human being have to restructure those norms and policies which stabilises the environment. Recently someone in interview says that next billionaire will come from that business which focusses on environment stability. That shows importance of that stability. Especially education transition occurs with larger extent towards the online mode. Why one should now join to college if one can earn it on online? Is it degree certificate required Or the skill that can be applicable that’s required? Those questions again challenging the fundamentals of schooling. How one can develop environment to spread peace and happiness in the world? How Capitalism and communism collaborate for mutual benefit to the society? These questions also raised during this pandemic. The closing borders at the time of pandemic, restricted transportation is it the concept of globalization ? But yes amid those situations rising hope of new policies and norms are coming together. Ideas integration, sustainability, life cycles redefining itself. Although difficult situations various circumstances shows humanity is their and yes I think that’s the ultimate religion. Now universities capable to educate more students than their intake capacity. A large community is going build itself. New opportunities came through needs. Businesses are trying to improve themselves, accepting changes and searching for new creative ways to perform same operations. Economy recovery started, annual reports analysis are bit optimistic for growth . Ultimately society tends to stability. Pandemic experiences teaches a lot and also shows the new way to tackle.

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