What we learn from our great epic - Mahabharat .


Hey guys how are you ? i hope you are safe and doing well in your life in the situation of this pandamic .

We all know that Mahabharat is a great indian epic where the main story of the epic revolves around the two branches of the family - the Pandvas and the Kauravas ( princes of the empire Hastinapur ) . We all know the story very well cause mahabharat is one of the most important epic in indian history . It is written by the rushi Vedvyas . But till nowdays we took it as a story but behind the story there are so many meaningful messages . Each and every character teaches about the life .

So , Guys in this artical you get to read what each character teaches us in our life . So lets get started !

1) Lord Shri Krishna - krishna is the most important character in mahabharat . He is the person who knows about the future of the epic . He is the one who was from the side of Pandav brothers . Only because of shri krishna Pandavas won the battle .

We all saw the mahabharat on the television the actors like Saurabh raj jain , Nitish Bharadwaj are the persons who played the role of shri krishna . In that serials in each act there was a little bit of smile on the face of shri krishna . The smile is often at the time of Dropadi vastraharan , Abhimanu's death but the question is why he is always smiling ? The reason behind it is very simple .

From his smiling he wants to say that - face your every challange every crices with a little bit of smile on your face don't be afraid of them and remember no one can change your future except you so work hard for your future but don't take stress of it ! and don't waste the present for future live it happily ! .

2) Mata Kunti - Kunti was the princess of the empire kuntibhoj . She was also the mother of Pandavas . Everyone shall fall love with her character . She didn't done any wrong thing in her life except the one thing - she didn't tell the truth related to karna to the Pandvas cause of her only one mistake she lost her first child Karna . She didn't tell the truth to Pandvas cause Karna was born before her marriage due to the blessings given by rushi Durvasa .Kunti had fear of the thing that if she told the truth then it will be shameful for her and her father also .

So guys , don't take any thing much seriously . If you are in any problem then share your problem with your family and with your friends and sort it out . Don't take the problem much seriously otherwise it would be harmful for you .

3)Angraj Karna -I think who one is reading this artical is in love with the character of Karna . Karna was the first child of Kunti who was borned before the marriage of Kunti . He is also known as Radhey from the name of his another mother Radha . He is world famous for his loyal friendship with Duryodhan , he is also famous for his kind nature . At the time of sunset he donates some money and other things . At the time of battle of mahabharat he knows that he is from wrong side but he fights againts his brothers (Pandvas) cause of only one reason the loyal friendship with Duryodhan . He fights from side of Duryodhan cause Duryodhan made him as prince of empire Ang-pradesh .

From his charactar we learns what is a loyal friendship ? isn't it . From his character we also knows "The king with a golden heart ". One loyal friend is much important than thousand's of fake one ! So stay loyal with your friends .

4) Maharani Gandhari - Gandhari was the princess of the empire Gandhar she was the mother of the Kauravas . We all know she had a ribben of a cloth on her eyes , but the question arises that why she did that ? She did the sacrifise of her eyes only for her husband Dhrutrastra cause he was also blind . She was the women knowing that her sons were weaker than the Pandvas , she dosen't encouraged her sons against the battle , due to her brother Shakuni she lost her hundred son's . Now Imagine your life without your eyes ! no nothing , no one can imagine that type of life .

But Gandhari made that only for her husband . In her life she stayed loyal all time . So guys stay loyal with your partner . Don't cheat him or her . She was also a faithful wife .

5)Draupadi - Draupadi was the daughter of Drupad she is the princess of Panchal she was also known as Panchali , Krishna , Yagyaseni . In simple words she was the heroine of the epic .She was the wife of Pandavas . Draupadis father lost his empire in a battle with Arjun ( Arjun fights for his guru Dronacharya ) . To take revange from guru Dron , Drupad made a ' Yagya' from that he got a son named Dhristadyumna , and from that burning fire Draupadi comes out .She was not born from her mother's womb. ................After Yudhishthira lost Draupadi in the game , she was humiliated by the Kauravas , and Shakuni . So taking revange from Kauravas she made the battle which is known as 'The Mahabharat' . Only for her harrasment she made the battle 'Mahabharat' .What she suffered was wrong and she raised her voice against it at every chance . For her time's Draupadi was surely a feminist who fought for her rights ! Even today her her ideals stand true and continue to inspired the womens in 21th century .

6)Shakuni - Shakuni was the prince of the empire Gandhar he was also the brother of Gandhari . He was extreamly intelligent and equally devious as well . He is said to be the mastermind behind the greatest war of kurukshetra . In simple words he was the mistermind villain in the epic . We are not sure about the thing but in some novels it was written that to take revange from Dhrutrastra he made the battle ( Cause Dhrutrastra killed his brothers and father) but it is not written in Mahabharat . He has the magical dices made from his father's bones due to the dice's Kauravas win the game and the Draupadi gets harrased . So Shakuni always tried to encourage the Kauravas to cause harm pandvas . It was proved from following incidences - poisoining Bheem's food ,arranging the dice game, planning the lakshagraha . He always think bad and harmful for Pandvas so in the war he get killed by the Sahdev .So guys don't think bad and harmful for others if you think then it will be harmful to you also !

So guys apart from this character's there are many other characters from which we can learn more about our life .(characters like Arjun , Bhishma ,Duryodhan.................. and many more comes)

Our country is famous for our culture and culture is famous for our history .So don't make our history as just a story .learn from it and feel proud of it !!

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