Who Steals my Awareness?

A beautiful story between a mentor and a student. Once in the evening . Sun shine glazing the nature. Due to his abundance of colourfulness, nature on his peak beauty. We were taking a walk around ashram. Ashram was with full of students and preparing for sunset rituals. A student stopped the guruji for some advice while guruji was taking a walk with other disciples. I was one of them. Hopes and excitement in Karan’s eyes shows that he has something excited question that he want to enquire. He asked the guruji “Yogiji, I want to control my thoughts. How can I do that ? please guide me”. Karan was one of the bright student under the mentorship of guruji. Karan always raises much more questions to the authority. Why is it so? What if? This time he come across with thought control. Guruji gently smiled and asked him politely who induced this thought in your mind? Karan nodded his head and replied it was just random thinking comes in my mind and that excitement drives me here. Guruji smiled and invited him to explore this question. Guruji was taking a walk around the ashram. Now Karan joined the walk with us. Guruji says that it is also the thought in your mind to control your thoughts. Right? Karan moves his head as yes. Guruji again questioned Karan why this thought come in your mind? This time Karan opened his mind explained that he was reading a verse in geeta and he realise that after controlling your thoughts you can achieve stability of mind. So this thought came across me . “Ohh” guruji smiled and starts explaining. “Stability of mind comes along with awareness of thoughts and if you become aware about thought you can achieve it “ Guruji explained. Karan with doubted face can you please explain it again I didn’t get that. Guruji in his soft voice, Karan look you when you see your thoughts enquire them why they comes? You observe that you will get to know that it’s due to your past memory and experiences. Now if you already build that image of thinking then you can’t enquire into it. You have to look it without judgement and without favour then you will get to know the real truth. Like here during reading the verse you build the image of stability of mind through thinking control. Right? Karan again nodded yes. “So what I have do so that I can enquire the question further? How I see it without judgement and without bias?” Karan politely asked the guruji.

Guruji now trying to explain him with another narrative . He started as let’s think of monkey as your thoughts as it is unstable, constantly moving. If you want to control over it you have 3 possibilities. You have to kill it, avoid it or you have to make thought space larger that it gets diluted that monkeys movement cannot affect as it gets diluted. First two possibilities further creating conflict in mind that what if this thoughts will come again and again so you can’t avoid it or kill it you have to face it. Now take the third possibility that creates large space around you so that the monkey will not effect your stability as much right? But monkey is still their. It’s still awareness of thought that we are enquiring again. “Do you get that Karan? “ Guruji asked the Karan. Karan with bit confusion “hmm I get that I have to ponder more over the verse why they say? What’s the situation around their ? If you get awareness about that thought then it will helpful now to decide further enquiries.” “Right that’s the consciousness of thoughts” Guruji added. Karan gets his answer .All of us then joined Pratah Sandhya.

Now think yourself who steals your Awareness and attention?

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